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Normalize the gift for those who owe it at first and then for those who can in a second time. Become the first bridge connecting all people facing insurmountable financial difficulties with the world’s wealthiest philanthropists to finally bridge this growing gap.

This is the essence of S1MPLE.

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Have you ever been unable to pay your rent for months? Have you ever been unable to repay your bank loan for months? Did you almost lose everything for less than thousands of euros? Have you ever almost lost your life or your home for a bill you couldn’t pay? Are you in such a difficult financial situation that feeding or feeding your family is a daily struggle? You can easily post a request here. Donors can see your requests, but no one else. No one will know and no one will judge you. We know how difficult it is to ask for help and keep modesty. We’ve been thinking about you. Whoever you are, you also have the right for someone to help you!
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Whether for political, social or religious reasons, it is imperative to reach out to those who are most fragile at a time when governments and local authorities are overwhelmed by the scale of financial needs to combat against inequality. We have a duty to act when money is no longer the problem.

S1MPLE is there to do what charities and governments can’t do.