S1MPLE is the easiest solution to connect the wealthiest to those in need around the world. A 100 digital solution to speed up, secure and clarify the support process between donor and applicant. From your mobile, according to your criteria(where, how much, anonymously or not)and at your own pace, you help save lives and you change fates. Total security of your sensitive data and unprecedented transparency so that you can fully take ownership of the great gesture of humanity you have just made. Our technology gives you the choice to remain anonymous. Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 DAYS a week without an intermediary, anywhere in the world. Unrivalled innovation!

If you have ever been in a dramatic financial situation facing a problem of rent, eviction of housing, over-indebtedness, impossible bill for an operation, tuition fees pushing you towards drugs or prostitution, tenants do not pay plus its rents, extremely late customers’pie. Here we can really help you. Asking for help can be difficult, which is why S1MPLE your wish on the platform is invisible to others apart from your potential donor.You can come here and ask for what you need by simply describing your need, and a donor can help.

For our donors, we offer simplicity, ease, security, transparency and meaning. For people who come here to seek help, the miracle is just a few clicks away.

Hand in hand thanks to

You already know our journey thanks to Google as well as social networks. For years, we have rubbed shoulders with members of the world’s elite (personalities, sportsmen, heirs, new rich, politicians..) We have responded to technological needs, crisis communication management needs in the digital world or needs in terms of foreign market penetration. We have therefore seen with our eyes the digitalization of our societies but also the widening gap between the well-off and the vulnerable. The rich are growing in number every day while precariousness is redefined by encompassing the middle class.
Existing charitable solutions fall into two categories. Historical: associations, charities, charity events. Moderns: Crowdfunding, a charity app against various actions. Very concretely, historical solutions are the only ones that have allowed us to seek the help of the world’s elite for years without us feeling any real change. Moreover, the aid received always passes through these organizers of charity events and donations go to people in advanced precarious situations at the expense of those who will today be called “the relative poor” . Many personalities and companies act or wish to act but face different obstacles: Lack of time,
lack of knowledge, lack of confidence. Why is there no direct, simple, secure, controlled and measurable connection between these two worlds in the age of mobile applications? From there came this idea: S1MPLE.
Our long-term vision:
Normalize the gift for those who owe it at first and then for those who can in a second time. Every day my wife and I, accompanied by our team, make every effort to save a life or ask for a miracle to be a formality for you.
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