Donors want to give directly to those in need, and giving to charitable organizations doesn’t always help with specific needs. For the ultra wealthy who want to really help individuals, there are few outlets.

 S1MPLE is a solution.

S1MPLE relieves donors to those in need via a simple-to-use platform.

For those who need money to get by – whether it’s to help pay bills or buy children’s toys or clothing – asking family and friends can be too difficult. S1MPLE is an easy, anonymous way for people to get money when they need it desperately.

S1MPLE connects donors with those in need through a simple to use platform. We provide a level of transparency and discretion that lets donors and those in need connect. For those who want to make a difference and for those who need a little help, S1MPLE is a simple solution.

Getting started is truly S1MPLE. Donors and those in need can create accounts, answer a few questions, and get started quickly. People post a description about their financial needs. Donors get to browse posts to decide who they help. It’s S1MPLE.

We can make a change in the world together.

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