We all have difficult times, but asking for help can be so difficult. Have you ever wondered how to access the charity of someone who was willing to give? This is what S1MPLE offers. A very simple way to get the help you need from a wealthy person who wants to save lives.

If you’re ready for help overcoming this horrible financial ordeal, start by creating an account now


You can start using S1MPLE by simply creating an account on our website or on our app. Describe your situation in detail. Add a video of you explaining the situation in less than 3 minutes. Explain clearly whether this is a vital emergency or not and how long you have to resolve the situation. Scan or photograph your proof of identity as well as all invoices or quotes or pro forma relating to your problem. For medical subjects, consider incorporating a quote for post-operation care or the budget for medication. Do not make estimates as they will have no real values. Make quotes through all the agencies involved. Don’t hesitate to ask your social partner for help. Incorporate your request on the platform. Get your pay-as-you-go fee of €1 (or $1) per application.

Once your application is registered, it will be visible for 30 days renewable. Then, our donors will go through and choose the wishes they wish to grant. If your wish is retained by a donor, your problem will be fully resolved by your donor via the S1MPLE teams. You won’t actually receive any money; instead, the funds will go directly to the organizations listed on the invoices or quotes. For example, we will pay your school loan, hospital bill or rent arrears on your behalf. Your application is completely private and invisible to other applicants. Only donors selected by S1MPLE will be able to see it.

Your donor will be anonymous at first but you can send your thanks in writing and video via the platform. He will have the opportunity to reveal his identity to you later if he wishes and you can exchange with him via the platform. Your favourite artist, your favourite presenter, your favourite company or your favourite sportsman may be behind this gift that will have changed your life.

If you’re ready for help overcoming this horrible financial ordeal, start by creating an account now


At S1MPLE, we also take security and privacy into account. Although our donors need a detailed description of your situation to be able to help you, we do not share any other information with anyone. When you use the web platform or S1MPLE app, you can rest assured that your details remain private. We do not market any data.

Our platform is easy to use and you can log in at any time to solve a financial problem. We have donors from around the world willing to help.

It all starts now.