Do you need financial assistance during the covid19 pandemic?


Are you able to help others?


Our world is changing and so are we. In these uncertain times, we can choose fear, division, hoarding and growing inequality in society. Or we can choose to change the narrative.



We choose the latter.



Our observation is simple: Obvious failure of the humanitarian and charitable associations that have been acting for decades in an obscure way. Resurgence of the «Charity Business» exclusively for the use of the middle classes and people in precarious situations.  We believe that deep and structural innovation is essential. What if we could all directly reach out to the wealthiest in the world to help us when the situation seems hopeless?  Now we can do it.



We have brought together wealthy people who want to write a different story with you!

How It Works


1. Sign in using Facebook or email.

2. Complete your registration form

3. Describe the help you are seeking with proofs :

Quotes – Estimation – Quaotation
Dunning letter
A short 1 min video of yourself describing your situation

4. Agree to our Community Guidelines and best practices by paying your 1$ fee by Paypal or Credit card.

For those who doesn’t have a payment card, we will soon integrate an alternative. In the meantime, don’t hesitate to ask your social service provider or social partner to validate this request for you.

Warning: Your request will not be visible until your payment has been validated !

5. Once created you can check or edit your request at any time. Community safety is important! Please be alert for spam, scams, and anything that may increase the risk to the community members using this service and report those responses.

6. The system will match you to people waiting for support people like you, Only during 30 days, so as much as possible, your offer is going toward active donators.

7. If a donator choose you. We will contact you by email or phone. We will pay directly what you need.



Note: Those wealthy people who offer help are helping many people around the world. It could took time before you get an answer. Be patient and keep your request update. Only them can initiate the exchange and reveal their identity.  If you don’t see many offers, don’t panic. We are slowly building our network. Check back soon.


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